Editor (2009): Barbara Ludlow, West Virginia University
Associate Editors: Lisa Dieker, University of Central Florida
  Sean Smith, University of Kansas
Editorial Assistant: Selma Powell, University of Central Florida

TEACHING Exceptional Children (TEC) is a journal designed specifically for teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and other practitioners who work with children and youth with disabilities or who are gifted.

The purpose of TEC is to advance the professional development of practitioners and to provide useful information, resources, and tools for improving education and services for exceptional learners. Consistent with this purpose, we publish articles that share innovative and successful methods and materials based on current evidence-based practice for use in a wide variety of educational programs and settings.

TEC has an open submissions policy and manuscripts on appropriate topics will be accepted at any time. We welcome manuscripts from the field reporting original ideas on a wide variety of topics and issues related to professional practice and relevant to special education teachers, general education teachers, related services specialists, paraprofessionals, and administrators in support of their work with students across the broad range of exceptionalities. We encourage submissions that include multiple authors representing the diversity of professional roles within the field.

TEACHING Exceptional Children has moved!

Information is available at http://tcx.sagepub.com and new manuscripts should be submitted at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tec.